What is Verbingo?

Verbingo is a Translation Management Systems designed for today’s localization buyer. Created in the cloud, Verbingo offers all the advantages and conveniences you would expect from an instant-access platform handling your global branding needs.

With Verbingo, you can manage your localization projects on your own, or find the resources you need to manage them for you. Verbingo is a community backed by industry experts who understand the intricate “on-demand” requirements sought by enterprise businesses.

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Centralized File Management

Store and manage all your translation files in the cloud and access them from your computers, phones or tablets 24/7. Lost files, email attachments and ftp servers are history.

Translation Memory

Fact: Over 99% of translation memory files go missing and are never leveraged. With Verbingo, your TM files are stored and managed in the cloud and instantly accessible to our 4,000+ translators from one central location.

Real-time TM Leveraging

Why pay to translate the same word twice? Save with advanced real-time TM leveraging technology matching full sentences, segments and relevant words for all your translation projects.

Translation Reuse

Reduce cost and increase speed and accuracy through reuse of your translations with Verbingo. Already have TM from your existing LSP or TMS? No problem, simply upload your existing TM files in seconds and start saving.

Terminology Management

Manage your global brand. With Verbingo you maintain 100% consistency across translated texts by ensuring use of approved terms. The Verbingo workbench prompts translators when a term in the source text matches a glossary entry.

Quality Control

Verbingo ensures high-quality translations through a number of automated quality checks. From spelling and grammar to formatting and glossary adherence, Verbingo reports and tools focus on quality translation.

Privacy & Security

With state of the art encryption technology, your translations stored in Verbingo are fully secured and kept private only to your organization. Users only see those data components to which they’ve been granted access.

Push Notifications

Verbingo actively tracks changes made to your content. So when something changes, notifications get sent and translations start to happen. It’s almost as though the project manages itself.

Real-time Status

Track the progress of your translations in real-time from your computers, mobile phones and tablets. The ability to see live stats about your translation project provides valuable data to stay informed or make agile changes. VERTIGO TRANSLATOR English

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