Verbingo Translation Api


This document is intended for developers who want to write applications that can interact with the Verbning Translate Api. Verbning Translate Api is a tool that automatically translates text from one language to another language (e.g. English to French). You can use the Verbning Translate Api API to programmatically translate text in your webpages or apps.

Translate concepts:

Verbning Translate Api is a tool that automatically translates text from one language to another language. The source text is the text to be translated. The source language is the language that the source text is written in. The target language is language that the source text is translated into.

Translate API operations:

There are three methods to invoke in the Verbning Translate Api:

Operations Descripation
Translate Translates source text from source language to target language
Languages List the source and target languages supported by the translate methods

Calling styles:

  • UsingRest directly

REST, or Representational State Transfer in the Verbingo Translate is somewhat different from traditional REST. Instead of providing access to resources, the API provides access to a service. As a result, the API provides a single URI that acts as the service endpoint.


  • To get started using Verbning Translate Api, you need to first create Verbingo Translation Api
  • The specific format for the single Verbning Translate Api URI is:

Code Snapshot for Getting Verbingo Sandbox Translation:

$url = http://6vbs-

your contents/Source Language/ Source Language /Response Type

$handle = curl_init($url);curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);

$response = curl_exec($handle);

$responseDecoded = json_decode($response, true);


$verbingoTranslation = $responseDecoded[‘data’][‘translations’][0][‘translatedText’];

Echo $verbingoTranslation

Code Snapshot for Getting Verbingo Sandbox Supported Language

$url = http://6vbs-

/$handle = curl_init($url);curl_setopt($handle, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);$response =

curl_exec($handle);$responseDecoded = json_decode($response, true);curl_close($handle);

$verbingolanguages = $responseDecoded[‘data’][‘translations’][0][‘languages’];

print_r(verbingolanguages );

Integrated Verbingo Translation

Get translations on-demand directly from your regular workflow. We’ve integrated Verbingo into this site (see footer below) to show how it works. This plugin allows instant localization of your website into any language you need! Find it in WordPress’ plugins list.

Integrated File Transfer

Below we also demonstrate how the Verbingo API can be integrated directly into a platform (like this one, WordPress) to facilitate the localization of offline materials, such as important legal or medical documents.

Translations ordered below go directly to the Verbingo platform where they are translated at the level you choose (from machine to professional translation) and returned to the email you provide.

Try it out! Send a Word or text doc through — get machine translation results in seconds!

Step 1: Register for the Verbingo API. Click here

Step 2: Enter your API key below.

Step 3: Upload your material to translate.

Step 4: Call us to discuss more about how we can integrate with YOU — 800.573.5702

Source Language

Target Language

Enter Your Api Key

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